Game workshop


All rights reserved to Tamar Meshulam © 2010

Focus on the group’s goal, while being flexible towards its individuals.

MasterPeace game workshop is a conglomerating experience for teams, students and private groups (Min’ 2 hours, Max’ 10 participans + 1 guide). Within the game’s framework participants create a story together. This story serves for a group/individual reflection.

Inspiring  symbols and attractive textures.

The game set (ceramic impressed febbels on a felt mat) is designed to open participats for free imagination. The group’s mission is to go together on an jurney by answering 9 questions in turns, till the circular path is complete. They reach the end/start point with an added value. Each player mark’s one step. He has to get the group’s agreement so they can all progress. This is where dialogue takes place.

I’ve developed this game in a quest to inspire for listen-ability.

It is based on my M.Des thesis at the Design Academy Eindhoven, NL. I got my B.des degree from the Bezalel Academy for Art and Design in Jerusalem.


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