Journey stories

‘Mother tongue’ was written at a MasterPeace game workshop, by Muslim, Christian and Jew participants, in Jerusalem 2006.

Our home is language, because the language reveals and hides at the same time. It refers to the future and the past. It is in our hands to decide whether to close in or be open through it. Mother tongue is the home; it is the place where we feel comfortable. We put aside the argument about defining ‘home’ as ‘language’. We try to ‘warm up’ the language so we can go out, but our language is still ‘cool’, because it preserves memories that delay us.

We load all our different mother tongues on a horse, and ride towards a new language, and we reach the “Bridge of verbal and non-verbal languages”. There, under the tree, we meet Eve (from the bible), she tells us that the language fixates her, therefore she took a strategic decision that from now on her home will be outside – only there her she finds freedom.

We decide to come closer to something more tangible, concerning the memory of home, and anchor to it constructively. We tied the horse at the Van Leer institute in Jerusalem. This institute becomes our home, a place of balance between tensions, and a place for dialogue. At this home-like forum, we would have liked to integrate between all languages: the feminine and masculine ones, between Arabic and Hebrew, German and Yiddish.

We want to find the interweaving between outside and inside. Our unique individualities grow from merging, like a baby in its mother’s womb, in complete warmth.


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