Players’ reactions


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“It’s a chance to show non-verbal behaviors, like talking without speaking” Ahmet, a Turkish social worker at Loket.W, Eindhoven

“The game’s rules are congruent with the rules of a dialogue.” Bobbie, an American psychologist at Kaye College, Beer Sheva

“We successfully organized our diverse emotions towards our situation” Gali, a guide at the Israeli parliament

“At last grandfather listened to our stories too…” Samuel, a child from Antwerp

“We launched into deep levels in a relatively short time.” Maya, an environmentalist at AIES, Ketura

“We left as individuals and returned as group” Masaharu, Japanese designer from Flissimo group, Kobe

“The game provided us with a top view over our actions.” Adibe, a Bedouin teacher at Kaye College, Beer Sheva


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